Kevin Palmer

Letter: Whose kingdom are we in?

Jason Collins, Kim Kardashian, David Petraeus, Mark Sanford, American Idol, title pawnbrokers, payday lenders, DUI offenders and... Read more

Letter: Don't give teachers guns...

Gun advocates are wrong. Arming teachers will not keep schoolchildren safe from gun violence. Why? Because only people who possess guns commit gun... Read more

Letter: Obama has dire plans for '13...

Inauguration. Then, ruin the nation. That is President Obama’s plan for 2013: Levy more taxes; divide the races; promote class warfare; promote... Read more

Letter: The immoral majority won

There are two roads leading to the White House: the high road and the low road. The low road begins where the high road ends.

Mitt Romney... Read more

Letter: Romney remarks no secret

Mitt Romney was being honest when he uttered his “47 percent “ diatribe in front of his type of people. He confidently said in public what is... Read more

Letter: Chick-fil-A not the problem

Gays are no longer bullied, but the bullies.

Their latest bully victim is the Christian belief that marriage is between a man and a woman.... Read more

Letter: President owed an apology

Conservatives belittled President Obama’s evolving belief on gay marriage. Yet, the conservatives failed to mention their current political... Read more

Letter: Save outrage over Marines

War is hell. Therefore, complaining about U.S. Marines urinating on the corpses of the enemy is sanctimonious. What about the Marines who were... Read more

Letter; Wrong is wrong -- Fred Russell must go

Augusta Commissioner Corey Johnson voted against firing City Administrator Fred Russell. Commissioner Johnson defended his vote by stating Russell... Read more

Letter: Richest people should pay most taxes

When it comes to the rich paying more taxes, Rush Limbaugh and conservatives are completely irrational and delusional.

They say that since... Read more