Kevin Palmer

Letter: Obama has dire plans for '13...

Inauguration. Then, ruin the nation. That is President Obama’s plan for 2013: Levy more taxes; divide the races; promote class warfare; promote... Read more

Letter: The immoral majority won

There are two roads leading to the White House: the high road and the low road. The low road begins where the high road ends.

Mitt Romney... Read more

Letter: Romney remarks no secret

Mitt Romney was being honest when he uttered his “47 percent “ diatribe in front of his type of people. He confidently said in public what is... Read more

Letter: Chick-fil-A not the problem

Gays are no longer bullied, but the bullies.

Their latest bully victim is the Christian belief that marriage is between a man and a woman.... Read more

Letter: President owed an apology

Conservatives belittled President Obama’s evolving belief on gay marriage. Yet, the conservatives failed to mention their current political... Read more

Letter: Save outrage over Marines

War is hell. Therefore, complaining about U.S. Marines urinating on the corpses of the enemy is sanctimonious. What about the Marines who were... Read more

Letter; Wrong is wrong -- Fred Russell must go

Augusta Commissioner Corey Johnson voted against firing City Administrator Fred Russell. Commissioner Johnson defended his vote by stating Russell... Read more

Letter: Richest people should pay most taxes

When it comes to the rich paying more taxes, Rush Limbaugh and conservatives are completely irrational and delusional.

They say that since... Read more

Letter: New standards diminish true greatness

The bar has been lowered. The standards for sainthood and peacemaker have changed.

Pope John Paul II was recently beatified, even though he... Read more

Letter: Both political sides awash in coarseness

This is in response to your "Heaping hatred" editorial March 26. It was obvious the writer was suffering from a case of selective amnesia.

... Read more