Kevin Palmer

Letter: We aren't exceptional...

Legalizing marijuana is more proof that Americans are ordinary, not exceptional. American exceptionalism is a delusion of Rush Limbaugh and right-... Read more

Letter: TV is a bad education

Fortunately or unfortunately, children reflect outwardly the inner beliefs of their liberal or conservative parents. However, when it comes to... Read more

Letter: Push higher local wages

Augusta mayoral candidates are promising jobs, jobs and more jobs. In 2014, that is not enough. Hourly wage workers in Augusta are sinking in... Read more

Letter: Mayor should be decent

The Augusta mayoral race is not a reality show. Augusta voters must remember they are electing a government leader, not a buffoonish, reality-show... Read more

Letter: Blocker-Adams will lead

Augusta Commissioner Marion Williams has said he believes former City Administrator Fred Russell has two chances for the mayor’s seat – slim and... Read more

Letter: Put Evans in House seat

Former Augusta Commissioner Calvin Holland endorsed Brian Prince for the House District 127 seat vacated by the late Quincy Murphy. Mr. Holland... Read more

Letter: Put Dianne Murphy in House

Quincy Murphy, who died Aug. 2, honorably served Augusta as a state representative for 11 years. He was a pillar of the community. He was a... Read more

Letter: Purse episode offers lessons

Oprah Winfrey has a $2.9 billion net worth. Recently, Oprah reported she experienced racism while shopping at an upscale store in Zurich,... Read more

Letter: Christian leaders corrupted

Recently in Florida, a group of atheists unveiled a monument to their unbelief in God to sit alongside a slab that lists the Ten Commandments in... Read more

Letter: No grounds to be offended

Pro golfers Tiger Woods and Sergio Garcia are engaged in a public feud of words. Recently, Sergio launched a “fried chicken” comment at Tiger.... Read more