Ken Dendinger

Letter: How is 'equal' defined?...

This letter is in response to the April 30 letter by Q.A. Rice that stated the constitutional question was quite clear on gay marriage.

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Letter: Barrow's a great actor...

John Barrow could win awards as an actor; his political ads are truly award-winning. In fact, without his ads that featured a dog years ago, he... Read more

Letter: Who pays for upkeep?

The movie Field of Dreams did the city of Augusta a disservice. The phrase “If you build it, they will come” seems to have lingered all... Read more

Letter: Vote for religious freedom

This is a wake-up call to the “Joe Biden Catholic Social Teachings” voters out there.

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Letter: Name change is damaging

A modest proposal: Let’s level the current homes and churches of Summerville to make way for student housing and parking lots. The extra space... Read more

Letter: Founding values attacked

Columnist Walter Williams was right on the money in his article on society’s “progress.” Today’s liberal media and society’s more vocal members... Read more