Kelvin Collins

Your Money: Choose contractor with care

Believe it or not, spring will be here before long. This is a time when many people’s fancies turn to home improvement!

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Don't be bullied into falling for 'IRS' scam...

As we start gearing up for the busy tax season, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is again warning consumers about a phone scam that is demanding... Read more

Resolve to spend wisely in 2015

While making your New Year’s resolutions, did you include goals on budgeting and spending wisely?

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Know store's refund, exchange policies before making purchase...

Did you know that refund and exchange policies are not required by law? In fact, retailers offer refund policies as a voluntary practice. There... Read more

Your Money: Before you donate, find information about charity

Charities received more than $335 billion in donations in 2013, with the majority coming from private individuals. Americans are generous people,... Read more

Don't fall victim to fake debt collectors ...

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Don't get scammed by 'white-van deals'...

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Kelvin Collins: College students at high risk for identity theft

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Action steps to keep your money in event of a business's bankruptcy...

When a retailer closes their doors, customers are often left confused and wondering what will happen to purchases they’ve paid for but haven’t... Read more

Scammers now targeting utility customers

Have you paid your utility bill?

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