Kathryn Lehn

Letter: Ruling twists God's Word...

How can five unelected U.S. Supreme Court justices redefine marriage for 350 million people? That’s easy! They just decide on the politically... Read more

Letter: Honor traditional wedlock

Bring on the moral revolution! Discard marriage between a man and a woman in favor of any relationship your mind can imagine.

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Letter: Let's abort Obamacare...

Don’t delay! Grasp the nationalized health care plan, extract the body of the plan, make an incision in the individual mandate with a blunt... Read more

Letter: Marriage dependent on rules

I hope this will be one of many letters that answer the question in Dallas Duff’s letter (“Why oppose gay marriage?” March 9).

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Letter: Stop spreading death

As we stand at the graves of 50 million of our sons and daughters, we grieve for our loss. We grieve for the loss to our womanhood. Women are... Read more

Letter: Obama has nation on destructive path

From the perspective of many patriotic Americans, Washington, D.C., looks like a vortex of greed, corruption and waste. Our tax money is the fuel... Read more

Letter: Christians should refuse to be bullied

We can be glad for the recent attention on bullying at school and at work. It motivates us to identify these bullies in society and expose their... Read more

Letter: ASU profs need remediation classes


One thing is sure in Jennifer Keeton's lawsuit against Augusta State University, no matter the ruling: The ASU professors named as... Read more

Refutation of gay therapy is wrong

The psychological community is patting itself on the back for its recent repudiation of reparative therapy, which holds that gay clients can... Read more