Joy Randolph

Letter: Cast vote for Goodwin

Whenever the opportunity arises, Patricia Goodwin always has been ready to step up to the plate. In the upcoming election, she is choosing... Read more

Letter: Trump tells it like it is

Donald Trump is the best thing to ever have happened to this country.

Everyone is saying we have to talk about the issues... Read more

Letter: Now ask yourself this

We are back to hearing the never-ending “tax the rich” mantra from President Obama and the liberals. Every day it is a new tax or a new regulation... Read more

Letter: Apathy breeds incompetence

Only 19 percent voter turnout for 2014 primary elections in Columbia County; so that means 81 percent were too lazy or indifferent.

That is... Read more

Letter: Health care is in jeopardy

Americans have access to the best health care in the world, but we are watching its demise. I am very worried that the hardworking middle-class... Read more

Letter: Stand against Democrats

Recently President Obama and the Democrats claimed victory. What is their victory? This country owes more than $17 trillion and counting... Read more

Letter: GOP needs candidates

Republicans are embracing Democratic policies while ignoring the Tea Party. This is a big mistake – just as they are shunning Christians because... Read more

Letter: Wrest freedoms back from politicians


We are blessed to wake up in a country that is free. However, we have allowed politicians to take away our American spirit and our... Read more