Joni Ellsworth

Letter: Here are your answers

No, the Affordable Care Act will not destroy jobs. Yes, it will have glitches. Yes, they will be worked out. Yes, it actually will help small... Read more

Letter: Here's the real scandal...

While I agree with many of the points in the July 7 lead editorial “... Read more

Letter: Unions didn't kill hostess...

Your usual talent to distort truth and leave out pertinent facts was on prominent display in your editorial of Nov. 24, “Consuming the Hostess.”... Read more

Letter: Food chain against gays

Your editorial (“Chicken divine,” Aug. 3) is wrong to assert that “President and Chief Operating Officer Dan Cathy merely reaffirmed in an... Read more

Letter: Collective bargaining is God-given right

Your editorial and cartoon in the Feb. 19 paper ("The Wisconsin rebellion") about workers in Wisconsin are so stupid and bone-headed that I don't... Read more

Letter: Dems aiding in corporate shakedown

I am completely dismayed by your editorial ("Take a stand on tax cuts -- now, " Dec. 2) which omits half of the story. The truth:... Read more

Letter: 'Collective insanity' overtakes Republican moderation...


Having helped to destroy the reform group ACORN (just one of their many outrages against the poor and powerless) through innuendo and... Read more

Letter: 'No' vote dooms Aiken County schools to further...

Thanks to those who voted against the Aiken County school bond referendum, substandard facilities will continue to deteriorate while graduation... Read more

Letter: Start berating the corporate fat cats


I was very disappointed in the editorial "Responsibility takes a holiday" (April 15), about federal income taxes.

I don't know... Read more

Lunacy obscures health care debate

It is time to face truths regarding the health care reform debacle.

In place of news coverage, we have witnessed a media-hyped, industry-... Read more