John Sullivent

Letter: Torture of 9/11 forgotten

Regarding Tunk Martin’s letter “CIA torture was wrong” Dec. 5th, I can only say “How soon they forget.”

How soon they forget the... Read more

Letter: Medicaid info misleading

Regarding Lowell Greenbaum’s Feb. 28 letter “Workers invisible to GOP”:

Dr. Greenbaum keeps singing the same old tired song: If you tell a... Read more

Letter: The truth on Obamacare

In response to Mr. Victor Reilly’s Nov. 22 letter “So just call it Romney care”:

Our resident, radical, super left-wing liberal maintains... Read more

Letter: Letter needs clarification

In response to Joe Fausnight’s letter to the editor July 10 (“‘Christian nation’ not free”): Mr. Fausnight stated, “America was founded by... Read more

Letter: Gun stance is full of holes

In reference to Victor Reilly’s letter “Solve gun rights problem” (April 17):

Mr. Reilly believes that the government should buy all the... Read more

Letter: Pro-gay letter fell flat

The letter “Gays merely want rights” by John Cashin (Feb. 22) was the lamest attempt to be cool and progressive that I have ever seen.

When... Read more

Letter: Prayer is misunderstood

Jeff Miller wrote a letter (“Example shows prayer fails,” Dec.4) stating that prayer doesn’t work because Texas Gov. Rick Perry held a day of... Read more

Letter: Who says we hate Obama?

In response to Victor Reilly’s letter “Why the hatred for Obama” (July 8): Who said they hate him? Liberals love to spew the hate talk. What the... Read more

Letter: Can't these letter writers ever let up?...

Another jewel of wisdom, from chronic letter writer Victor Reilly, in the Jan. 26 Chronicle ("Average worker needs more money"). In the... Read more

Letter: Health-care circus hoodwinked America


For months I have been reading, listening and thinking about Obamacare. I have tried to be objective concerning the pros and cons of... Read more