John Gogick

Gogick: Weather page can fascinate

Falling leaves. Cool temperatures. College football. Time change.

On the front page of today’s editions is a reminder to set your clocks... Read more

'Chronicle' provides election coverage to prepare residents...

Attack ads on the television. Campaign fliers in my mailboxes. Endorsements on the editorial page.

All signs of the times.

All signs... Read more

Gogick: Journalism done well doesn't follow pattern...

The rhythm and reaction between a newspaper and its community is well established. Every day we write. Each day you read. Every day we cover... Read more

Gogick: Lucky baseball fans still cheering

To me, October means postseason baseball. In the 1970s, North Jersey was a tough place to be a Mets fan. Every other kid in the schoolyard was a... Read more

Gogick: Celebrate National Newspaper Week with us

Today is the start of one of the most festive weeks of the year.

Not Mardi Gras. That other weeklong celebration sans beads and New Orleans... Read more

Customer service director likes helping people

It seems like not so long ago when the main way readers interacted with us was in a letter to the editor.

Then came Rants & Raves. This... Read more

Reporters show determination

Newspaper reporters are sometimes known for their determination. Sometimes that means asking one more question. Or calling one more source. Or... Read more

Gogick: 'Chronicle' pressroom takes pride in each run...

‘Stop the presses.” That clichéd movie scene depicting halting the printing press as a big story breaks is a rare occurrence in real life.

I... Read more

Gogick: We've been working for your trust since 1785...

American humorist Mark Twain once said, “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated,” after reading his obituary in a New... Read more

Gogick: Colleagues receive front page as going-away present

The Front Page.

Not the Broadway play. Or either of the two movies by the same title based on the play. Or the other movie, His Girl... Read more