John Gogick

Newspaper staff prepares for Masters coverage

Golf carts and azaleas springing up around town is a clear signal that the Masters Tournament draws nigh.

Set your countdown clock to T-... Read more

Gogick: A challenge for young writers, for us

Rarely does a month go by when I don’t receive an inquiry – be it through e-mail, letter or an old-fashioned telephone call – about how to write... Read more

Gogick: We must bid adieu to Sunday 'Journal' ...

When The Wall Street Journal offered us the opportunity to present its news content in our Sunday editions two years ago, we... Read more

Gogick: News, good and bad, is our business

Question of the week: What’s happening in the newsroom?

Everywhere I went this week, I saw someone I had not seen since last year, and each... Read more

Gogick: Journalists passionate about freedoms

Editor's Note: Rick McKee's appearance on Fox News’ Justice with Judge Jeanine program tonight has... Read more

Gogick: Chronicle continues holiday traditions

Nights. Weekends. Holidays.

Those are just three of the many things it takes to bring you award-winning journalism each and every day of the... Read more

Gogick: Real news rarely arguable

Tomorrow is the anniversary of the day that will live in infamy.

The attack on Pearl Har­bor and President Roose­velt’s famous... Read more

Gogick: Holidays put hectic load on our newspaper

Thanksgiving came in a box this year … .

That was the opening line of Randy Harris’ holiday-inspired poem as it was printed in the... Read more

Gogick: Michaux, sports fans have love-hate affair

Insights and analysis. Pontification and perspective.

Many people expect those – and maybe a dose of boosterism – from a local sports... Read more