John Gasko

Letter: Argument is tiresome

I knew it was just a matter of time before someone would start with the “God wants you to vote for (fill in the blank)” argument., or this... Read more

Letter: Has it finally gone too far?

This country was founded as Christian – not hard to see that. We also have freedom to worship as we see fit, but it has gone way too far.... Read more

Letter: Examine column deeper

The recent guest column by Imam Mohammad Jamal Daoudi of the Islamic Society of Augusta (“Islam’s constitution teaches equality,” Nov. 14)... Read more

Letter: Letter's argument flawed...

Q.A. Rice’s Sept. 22 letter was titled “Protesters misinterpreted.” Shouldn’t that be “Protesters continue to break the law”?

... Read more

Letter: Death penalty preferred

The letter “Capital punishment wrong” (March 4) asks several questions and makes several statements.

The death penalty may seem disgusting,... Read more

Letter: Letter writer childish

On Dec. 6, The Augusta Chronicle published a letter by Ronald Nurse. Mr. Nurse is wrong on so many levels I am surprised the ... Read more

Letter: 'Religion of peace'? What peace?...

In Zaheera Lukman's letter of March 19 ("Cartoon cast unfair Muslim stereotype"), she stated that "Islam means peace." Well, as a retired U.S.... Read more

Letter: So is collective bargaining in the Bible?

Joni Ellsworth's letter of Feb. 23 ("Collective bargaining is God-given right") can only be placed in the asinine file. It has to be a joke.... Read more