Joel Cote

Letter: Quit swooning over Tiger

I am writing to express my frustration with the continual obsession of NBC with Tiger Woods, as exemplified by its TV coverage May 12 at the... Read more

Letter: End entitlement mind-set

The biggest question in the debate on the domestic economy is one the president must be forced to answer, and that is: What is his definition of... Read more

Letter: Cities offer big recognition

I am a South Carolina resident, so I have no bone to pick with the naming of the new university. But I wanted to respond to the Aug. 19 front-page... Read more

Letter: Everyone must pay their fair share

This responds to the April 28 letter to the editor "At some point, you have enough money."

First of all, enough is enough when people who... Read more

Letter: Shooting prompts many valid questions

The senseless shooting in Tucson was one of the most terrible days in our country's history. It is a reason for all Americans to examine our own... Read more

Don't forget quandary with health care

While I understand that the Haiti disaster is the primary focus of the government and the press today, I would suggest this is a convenient... Read more