Joe Hotchkiss

Joe Hotchkiss: Come on -- it won't kill you to give up just one...

Bread. That’s what I’m giving up for Lent.

So from now until Easter, no pizza. No epic sandwiches. No perfectly poached eggs on toast.... Read more

Joe Hotchkiss: Canada pitches pennies -- could the United States be...

When was the last time you got excited about finding a penny?

Probably when you were about the same age as my 8-year-old daughter. While she... Read more

Joe Hotchkiss: Are you there, God? It's me, the left tackle. Can...

God knows there’s going to be a lot of people watching the Super Bowl tonight.

He’s just not going to help your team win.

Hand to... Read more

Hotchkiss: Rise of the machines: Does automation risk going too far?

I can’t remember exactly when it was.

Was it last week when I was at the drive-through ATM?

Was it while I was punching buttons... Read more

Hotchkiss: Beating the cat: Can your pet succeed in the stock market?

It’s been going on for months at our house – a vague discussion among family members on whether we should acquire a cat.

I have decided. We’... Read more

Hotchkiss: Outraged? Disaffected? Believe me, there's a petition...

Used to be, the main drawback of launching a nationwide protest was that you just couldn’t manage to fit it into your daily schedule.

Sure,... Read more

Hotchkiss: These days, everybody's a critic - but not everybody is...

My duties here at the newspaper vary in size and scope – writing, editing, light vacuuming – but one of the tasks I especially enjoy is selecting... Read more

Joe Hotchkiss: Cheating spreads everywhere, but in the end it gets you...

When I first read about the cheating scandal at a high school in suburban Chicago, I thought the officials running Naperville School District 203... Read more

Hotchkiss: You think you're so smart: Are humans getting stupider?...

Sometimes when a news wire service has to substantially change a story it’s already sent, it’ll deliver an update with an editor’s note: “Story... Read more

Hotchkiss: In this week full of food, think about hunger the rest of...

By now, you’ve probably bought your turkey.

While you’re waiting for it to thaw in your fridge, you’ve either checked your pantry or gone to... Read more