Joe Hotchkiss

Hotchkiss: Put the turkey neck down, sir: Weapon choices get creative...

Most likely you’ve heard the joke about the little old lady who got pulled over by a deputy.

The driver handed over her license,... Read more

Hotchkiss: Should have seen this coming: Psychics' predictions for...

This column could get me into an awful lot of trouble.

Of course I can’t predict that for sure. Apparently, however, neither can some of the... Read more

Hotchkiss: Can adult merit badges coax Americans into better behavior?

You never know when it’ll come up. But when it does, it gives you the beginnings of a migraine.

It’s one of those little moments in life... Read more

Hotchkiss: Recurring contributor to our letters section will be deeply...

Regular readers of our letters section might recall the name Joaquin Godoy. By my count he has written The Augusta Chronicle 31 letters... Read more

Hotchkiss: Newspaper readers age, but letter writers get younger all...

My 9-year-old daughter finally brought home a class assignment that’s right in her dad’s wheelhouse. Her fourth-grade language arts teacher... Read more

Hotchkiss: Thought the 'Me' generation was bad? Selfies...

It’s official, everyone: It’s all about you.

Oxford Dictionaries, arguably the most prestigious arbiter of the English language, recently... Read more

Hotchkiss: As Veterans Day approaches, one veteran has inexhaustible...

As the official Guy Who Handles the Letters at The Augusta Chronicle, I sometimes get letters from folks who want to publicly... Read more

Joe Hotchkiss: Waste not, want not: There always is room for budget cuts

For a second there, I thought I imagined that Nancy Pelosi said this – that there are “no more cuts to make” to federal spending.

But sure... Read more

Hotchkiss: Bullying still is with us -- and cyberspace makes it sadly...

Thankfully I never was bullied during my long-ago school days. The closest I ever got was in eighth grade.

It was just one incident. There... Read more