Joaquin Godoy

Letter: New book explores Kennedy

President Kennedy’s assassination saga began with the Bay of Pigs invasion, organized under President Eisenhower’s last year in office. The 1,200... Read more

Letter: JFK revelations surface

Significantly, New York Times Executive Editor Jill Abramson analyzed every book published on President Kennedy in a recent New York... Read more

Letter: Circus isn't entertaining...

It is both sad and tragic to watch our country turn into a circus, featuring elephants, donkeys and clowns.

Joaquin Godoy... Read more

Letter: Obama knows we're racist...

Our country was surprised when President Obama recently spoke about racism and, obviously, this is the way he felt all his life, and it is also... Read more

Guest Column: Over several generations, our America has lost its...

My first visit to the United States was in 1943. My father decided to send me to Natchez, Miss., to complete my... Read more

Letter: Obama needs to stand up

Hamlet’s assertion that “something is rotten in the state of Denmark” may very well apply to our United States of America.

Barack Obama –... Read more

Now, scrutinize Reagan

For the past 10 years I have enjoyed your editorials, but the one Jan. 22 (“Putting aside partisanship”) topped them all.

It is so good of... Read more

Letter: Make way for revolution

Revolutions begin with insignificant events, but we don’t have to wait long to realize how important they could become. Ours began with “... Read more

Letter: The revolution has arrived

A quote, often attributed either to Thomas Jefferson or Benjamin Franklin, stated the need of a revolution every 200 years. The one we are... Read more

Letter: GOP snubs 'other America'...

Michael Harrington’s book The Other America, published 50 years ago, opened our eyes about poverty in the United States.

At last... Read more