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Wednesday, Oct. 28, 2015

Congress votes to delay rail safety mandate by 3 to 5 years

WASHINGTON - Congress passed a bill Wednesday that delays for at least three years the mandate for railroads to put long-sought safety technology in place, and extends the government's authority ...
By Joan Lowy

Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2015

Congress weighs giveaways to auto, trucking industries

WASHINGTON — At a time of record auto recalls and rising highway deaths, safety advocates say the Republican-run Congress is snubbing their agenda and taking sides with the auto and trucking ...
By Joan Lowy

Friday, Sept. 11, 2015

10 commit to making automatic emergency brakes standard

WASHINGTON - Ten automakers have committed to the government and a private safety group that they will include automatic emergency braking in all new cars.
By Joan Lowy

Monday, Aug 10, 2015

Study shows chronic fatigue among air traffic controllers

WASHINGTON - Air traffic controllers' work schedules often lead to chronic fatigue, making them less alert and endangering the safety of the national air traffic system, according to a study the ...
By Joan Lowy

Friday, Aug 7, 2015

Few railroads likely to meet 2015 deadline for installation of technology

WASHINGTON — Only a handful of railroads are close to meeting a deadline this year to install safety technology that can prevent many crashes.
By Joan Lowy

Senate report urges government crackdown on airline fees

WASHINGTON — The government should crack down on airline fees for things like seat reservations, checked baggage and ticket changes or cancellations, which are often unfair or hidden from ...
By Joan Lowy

Thursday, Aug 6, 2015

Senate report urges government crackdown on airline fees

WASHINGTON — The government should crack down on airline fees for things like seat reservations, checked baggage and ticket changes or cancellations according to a Senate report released Thursday.
By Joan Lowy

Friday, July 24, 2015

Transportation chief says 5 airlines part of price-gouging investigation

WASHINGTON - Transp­ortation Secretary Anthony Foxx said Friday that the government has opened a price-gouging investigation of airlines that allegedly raised airfares after a deadly Amtrak crash.
By Joan Lowy

Friday, July 10, 2015

Bill would lower interstate truck driver age to 18

A bill introduced this week by Re­pub­li­can senators would allow contiguous states that join together in "compacts" to drop the age threshold to 18 for interstate trips.
By Joan Lowy

Sunday, Feb. 15, 2015

US proposes drone rules

Long-anticipated rules proposed Sunday will open an era in which small (under 55 pounds) commercial unmanned aircraft perform routine tasks. But not right away. Final rules are probably two to ...
By Joan Lowy

Thursday, Jan. 29, 2015

Technology lowers chance that driver will die in car crash

WASHINGTON - The chances of a driver dying in a crash in a late-model car or light truck fell by more than a third over three years, and nine car models had zero deaths per million registered ...
By Joan Lowy

Thursday, Jan. 8, 2015

Honda hit with record fines over unreported deaths

WASHINGTON - The Oba­ma administration said Thursday that it is fining Hon­da $70 million for not reporting to regulators about 1,729 complaints that its vehicles caused deaths and ...
By Joan Lowy

Monday, Dec. 1, 2014

Report on Boeing 787 fire points to battery defect

A short circuit likely caused by a manufacturing defect in a Boeing 787 battery sparked a fire last year that grounded the planes for more than three months.
By Joan Lowy

Wednesday, Nov. 12, 2014

Drones flying near planes up dramatically

WASHINGTON - More than a million small drone aircraft have been sold in the past few years, and a growing number of them are turning up in the skies near airports and airliners, posing a risk of ...
By Joan Lowy

Carmakers aim to protect motorists' privacy

WASHINGTON - Nineteen automakers accounting for most of the passenger cars and trucks sold in the U.S. have signed onto a set of principles they say will protect motorists' privacy in an era when ...
By Joan Lowy

Friday, Oct. 24, 2014

US official: Auto safety agency under review

WASHINGTON - Trans­port­ation officials are reviewing the "safety culture" of the federal agency that oversees auto recalls, a senior Obama administration official said Friday.
By Joan Lowy

Monday, Sept. 29, 2014

FAA orders review in Chicago air traffic snarl

WASHINGTON - The Federal Aviation Administration is reviewing security practices and how its air traffic control facilities deal with unexpected incidents, agency administrator Michael Huerta said ...
By Joan Lowy

Thursday, Sept. 25, 2014

Drones for moviemaking win FAA approval

WASHINGTON - The government granted six production companies permission to use drones for filming, an important step toward greater use of the technology by commercial operators.
By Joan Lowy

Tuesday, Sept. 16, 2014

Agency's response to GM issue criticized

WASHINGTON - Both houses of Congress scolded the nation's highway safety agency over tardy handling of a deadly problem with General Motors cars.
By Joan Lowy

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Railroad industry fights to shape safety rules

WASHINGTON - A string of fiery train derailments across the country has triggered a high-stakes but behind-the-scenes campaign to shape how the government responds to calls for tighter safety rules.
By Joan Lowy
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