Jim McGaughy

Letter: He's glad to be ex-GOP...

I read a letter titled “Re-brand Conservatism” in The Augusta Chronicle a few days ago, sent in by a proud Republican with concerns for... Read more

Letter: Liberals helped more

I read the Dec. 13 letter “Liberal policies hurt us” sent in by Frank Chandler. He stated the unemployment rate was 5 percent in 2008 when... Read more

Letter: Bush tough act to follow

Okay, CSRA, you should be dancing in the streets. The Republicans won a sweeping victory at the polls. The governors, U.S. representatives and U.S... Read more

Letter: Republicans ruinous

You don’t have to be a well-paid or well-educated lawyer to present a case against the Republican Party and their actions (such as trickle-down... Read more

Letter: Lies come from both sides

I’m beginning to get a little more concerned about the editorial staff at The Augusta Chronicle these days. I realize it’s a Republican... Read more

Letter: Why are we in trouble?

I read the letter in the June 17 Augusta Chronicle sent in by Brian Regitko titled “God bless us? Why?” and I totally agree with him. Why... Read more

Letter: Who's been piling up debt?...

I read Gary McNeal’s letter “Don’t vote Democratic” (Sept. 28), and I’m not going to dispute his House of Representatives and Senate years that... Read more

Letter: 'Genius' ruling? Not so fast...

I read Bob Waters’ featured letter (“Roberts’ ruling was genius,” July 7), and several thoughts came to mind.

If that ruling by the chief... Read more

Letter: Remember your history, GOP

I’m beginning to think some right-wing Republicans and Tea Party people have some sort of memory loss. I’m not speaking of dementia and that... Read more

Letter: President Obama inherited this mess


I just finished reading Spencer G. Fischer's letter "Obama's leadership increases worries" (July 9) and said to myself "Man, things... Read more