Jim McGaughy

Letter: It's too early to choose...

Printed in The Augusta Chronicle was a letter titled “Choices made for 2016 race” (July 12) supporting Mike Huckabee for president and Dr... Read more

Letter: If Republicans win in 2016, look out

Here lately I’m seeing cartoons and reading editorials and letters to the editor lambasting Hillary Clinton on her run for the White House.

... Read more

Letter: He's glad to be ex-GOP...

I read a letter titled “Re-brand Conservatism” in The Augusta Chronicle a few days ago, sent in by a proud Republican with concerns for... Read more

Letter: Liberals helped more

I read the Dec. 13 letter “Liberal policies hurt us” sent in by Frank Chandler. He stated the unemployment rate was 5 percent in 2008 when... Read more

Letter: Bush tough act to follow

Okay, CSRA, you should be dancing in the streets. The Republicans won a sweeping victory at the polls. The governors, U.S. representatives and U.S... Read more

Letter: Republicans ruinous

You don’t have to be a well-paid or well-educated lawyer to present a case against the Republican Party and their actions (such as trickle-down... Read more

Letter: Lies come from both sides

I’m beginning to get a little more concerned about the editorial staff at The Augusta Chronicle these days. I realize it’s a Republican... Read more

Letter: Why are we in trouble?

I read the letter in the June 17 Augusta Chronicle sent in by Brian Regitko titled “God bless us? Why?” and I totally agree with him. Why... Read more

Letter: Who's been piling up debt?...

I read Gary McNeal’s letter “Don’t vote Democratic” (Sept. 28), and I’m not going to dispute his House of Representatives and Senate years that... Read more

Letter: 'Genius' ruling? Not so fast...

I read Bob Waters’ featured letter (“Roberts’ ruling was genius,” July 7), and several thoughts came to mind.

If that ruling by the chief... Read more