Jim McGaughy

Letter: Don't heap blame on AP...

The Aug. 21 letter titled “AP spin is evident,” sent in by Jack Burke, missed the mark a little (I’m trying to be nice).

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Letter: Election cycle is different

If you ask the people in the CSRA “Are you a conservative?” you’ll most likely get a positive response. Also, in Georgia and South Carolina... Read more

Letter: Politics, peril intersect

Beware, Caesar, the Ides of March. Thank goodness, the Ides have passed. That doesn’t mean it’s all over.

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Letter: GOP leadership lagging

I read the newspapers every morning and watch some television, and it seems as if the Republican Party is in disarray.

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Letter: Dump Hillary? Hold up

I read the rather lengthy letter titled “Dump Hillary – here’s why” (Jan. 23) by Lawrence Devoe. First, the circulation area of the paper is... Read more