Jennifer Grant

Teen speak

Where are you taking your summer vacation?

"Myrtle Beach. I go there every year." -- Casey Gatlin, 17, rising senior at Greenbrier... Read more

Plastic surgery is becoming a quick-fix option for teens

Teens are undergoing plastic surgery at an alarming rate.

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reported that about 332,000... Read more

The essentials: Do well at sports tryouts

During spring and summer, many middle and high school students are anticipating trying out for various sports. This can be stressful, especially... Read more

Stress relief is now in sight

This is the story of many high school seniors who are waiting on college admission answers.

We wait for an acceptance letter or a denial... Read more

Don't drive while 'intexticated'

In July, five high school graduates died in a car wreck in New York. Investigations showed the driver had sent and received several text messages... Read more