Jeff Martin

Roswell officer fired on from passing vehicle


ATLANTA — A man in a passing vehicle accused of opening fire on a police officer on patrol in Roswell will likely be charged... Read more

Gunman fires at Georgia cop


A gunman in a passing vehicle opened fire on an Atlanta area police officer on routine patrol,... Read more

Mystery brews, beer missing

ATLANTA — A mystery is brewing in Atlanta, where someone stole an ocean of beer.

... Read more

Beaches reopen after large gator captured


ATLANTA — Authorities reopened beaches Friday after a large alligator spotted in the Atlantic Ocean was captured at a popular... Read more

MasterCard, Visa sued by Home Depot over security


ATLANTA — Visa and Master­Card are using security measures prone to fraud, putting retailers and customers at risk of... Read more

Homeowner dies in Ga. police shooting


ATLANTA — A Georgia homeowner shot in the neck after police went to the wrong house has died, a lawyer for the family said... Read more

Feds seek DNA samples to investigate gun thefts


ATLANTA — Federal authorities are seeking a DNA sample – along with hair samples and fingerprints – from at least one suspect... Read more

Fort Valley State student stabbed to death after aiding women


ATLANTA — A freshman at Fort Valley State University was stabbed to death after he came to the aid of some female students who... Read more

Airport part of push for Uber screening


ATLANTA — A battle over background checks for Uber drivers at the world’s busiest airport comes as cities including Los Angeles... Read more

Hotel says door working in freezer death


ATLANTA — A downtown At­lan­ta hotel says it found no problems with the exit door of a walk-in freezer where a woman... Read more