Jeff Martin

Burglar shoots at Cobb policemen




MARIETTA, Ga. — A gunman inside a gun shop near Atlanta began shooting at police officers, who... Read more

Roswell officer fired on from passing vehicle


ATLANTA — A man in a passing vehicle accused of opening fire on a police officer on patrol in Roswell will likely be charged... Read more

Gunman fires at Georgia cop


A gunman in a passing vehicle opened fire on an Atlanta area police officer on routine patrol,... Read more

Mystery brews, beer missing

ATLANTA — A mystery is brewing in Atlanta, where someone stole an ocean of beer.

... Read more

Beaches reopen after large gator captured


ATLANTA — Authorities reopened beaches Friday after a large alligator spotted in the Atlantic Ocean was captured at a popular... Read more

MasterCard, Visa sued by Home Depot over security


ATLANTA — Visa and Master­Card are using security measures prone to fraud, putting retailers and customers at risk of... Read more

Homeowner dies in Ga. police shooting


ATLANTA — A Georgia homeowner shot in the neck after police went to the wrong house has died, a lawyer for the family said... Read more

Feds seek DNA samples to investigate gun thefts


ATLANTA — Federal authorities are seeking a DNA sample – along with hair samples and fingerprints – from at least one suspect... Read more