Jeff Annis

Guest Column: Most small-business owners actually seek meaning, not...


On July 5, The Augusta Chronicle published an article titled “Vacations hard to come by for small-business owners.” Citing a... Read more

Column: Dependence on government is crippling American initiative

The nation’s debt has tripled in recent years. Meanwhile, real working people in the same economy have been paying down debt in the same time span... Read more

Column: Administration's logic for attacking Syria doesn't...


The possibility of U.S. military involvement in reaction to Syria’s use of chemical weapons is interesting to study.

I don’t... Read more

Column: Don't be deluded by government scare tactics over...

There has been much made in the media about the effects of the sequestration because of the agreement between the Obama administration and... Read more

Guest Column: Minimum-wage boost will harm freedom and growth


Recently the idea of increasing the minimum wage has come back to the attention of politicians and social manipulators in our media... Read more

Column: Big government relentlessly torments and destroys our schools

I am truly grateful for the professionalism and caring attitudes of our local-level government educators who work very hard on a day-to-day basis... Read more

Letter: To fight pests, think local

I have been a pest-control professional myself, right here in Augusta, for the past 35 years, and a resident all 56 years of my life.

So I... Read more

Guest Column: Government growth breaking the private sector's back...


Entrepreneurs, privately owned small businesses and the private sector provide all nongovernment jobs in the United States. Those... Read more

Bad prescription for business

I am a small-business employer. I am very concerned about the pending health-care reform being proposed in Washington, D.C.

We have not... Read more

Meddlesome government red tape hamstrings American businesses

As a small-business owner in the CSRA, I have some observations about the current economic crisis that might be helpful to readers.

I... Read more