Jean Kressy

Winter vegetable lasagna can satisfy all types of eaters

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Dates add low-fat richness to bread

Here's a take on Boston brown bread: baked, not steamed, but with molasses and cornmeal like the original. Dates offer plenty of richness without... Read more

Jazz up holiday meal with sweet potato dish

Looking for something different in a Christmas meal side dish this year? Try this Gratin of Sweet Potatoes and Swiss Chard.

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Pumpkin was made to put in cheesecake

A spicy pumpkin cheesecake is a different take on a holiday meal tradition. Try one.


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Crumble works as dessert or breakfast

We took this cranberry crumble to a holiday potluck and were so impressed by how good it tasted, we decided to make it again last summer. ... Read more

Recipe for sweet potato dish is answer to potluck nightmare

We remember the chill we felt years ago when we were asked to bring something "sweet potatoey" in a casserole to a potluck Thanksgiving dinner.... Read more

Cheap, versatile chili fed many cowboys, prospectors

Chili lends itself to unlimited variations and is one of the most rewarding dishes a cook can make. It's also one of the truly authentic American... Read more

Date-nut tart has best of 2 flavors

In the culinary world, some things work together like good marriages -- strawberries and cream, bacon and eggs, chicken and rice, and bread and... Read more

Muffins are not dessert

A great debate is raging: Are muffins, in the words of one pastry chef, "just an excuse to eat cake for breakfast," or are they an entirely... Read more

Pot-roasted pork loin is frugal dish

A few days before Thanksgiving, we add the Butterball hot line number to our speed dial. We've never used it, but knowing that someone is on call... Read more