James Wetzel

Letter: Why did Petraeus resign?

David Petraeus may have had an affair, but that likely was not the reason why he resigned. Try this scenario.

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Letter: AP 'analysis' designed to skew views...

I was surprised and chagrined that your editorial "A cut below" (April 16) found its basis in an Associated Press analysis of the $38.5 billion... Read more

Letter: There are better ways to trim state fat


Is it the fat minds of the South Carolina legislators that would motivate them to authorize obese government workers, even on a... Read more

Letter: Don't warp theology to make a point...


I understand the sentiment of the letter "Stand firm against vile anti-gay letter" (April 15) -- love the Lord thy God with thy whole... Read more

Paper too quick to believe AP on Sanford

I have had great respect for the quality of the editorials in The Augusta Chronicle . So it is really difficult for me to accept that The... Read more