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Credibility is shaky in Davis case

ATLANTA --- The credibility of seven witnesses who have recanted -- and two who have not -- in Troy Anthony Davis' death penalty case rose to the surface Tuesday in the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals as his attorneys fought for a new trial.

12/10/08 - 7:00am

Committee considers bankruptcy exemptions

ATLANTA --- State legislators could soon consider a bill boosting the amount of home equity Georgians can keep when they enter bankruptcy.

11/26/08 - 7:00am

Car insurance stands to rise

Thousands of Georgia drivers could see substantial increases in their auto insurance rates -- as much as 81 percent, for some -- as insurance companies begin setting their own rates under a law that took effect Oct. 1.

11/24/08 - 7:00am

Telework tax aid has few takers

ATLANTA --- The number of employers seeking state tax credits up to $20,000 for allowing their employees to telecommute dropped by about half this year, despite months of record-high gas prices and a souring economy.

11/21/08 - 7:00am

Rise in job loss forecast

ATLANTA --- Unemployment in Georgia will rise over the next two years as recession hits the national and state economies, according to a Georgia State University economist's forecast released Wednesday.

11/20/08 - 7:00am

Case targets state's laws against gangs

ATLANTA --- When gang violence rose to an alarming high in the 1990s, Georgia legislators enacted a law that puts anyone convicted of gang-related crimes behind bars longer.

11/10/08 - 7:00am

Officials question growth cost

ATLANTA --- The risk of cost overruns on Georgia Power's $6.4 billion proposal to add two nuclear reactors to Plant Vogtle near Waynesboro took center stage Wednesday as utility officials pitched the plan to the Public Service Commission.

11/06/08 - 7:00am

Public gets say on growth

ATLANTA --- Testimony on the Plant Vogtle expansion opened Monday, with members of the public painting it as a practical solution to the state's growing energy needs or an expensive burden on ratepayers and the environment.

11/04/08 - 7:00am

Economy shouldn't hurt expansion

ATLANTA --- The credit crunch has no doubt forced people to put off car purchases or home remodeling. But how about building a multibillion-dollar nuclear power plant?

11/02/08 - 7:00am

20 stations in Augusta area part of probe

ATLANTA --- Twenty of the 166-plus gas stations under scrutiny for price gouging during Georgia's recent gas shortage are in metro Augusta, according to the Governor's Office of Consumer Affairs.

10/29/08 - 6:00am
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