Jack Burke

Letter: AP spin is evident

The Aug. 15 front page of The Augusta Chronicle had two Associated Press stories. The first one was on a Milwaukee... Read more

Letter: What about tolerance?

Ed Payne’s letter “It’s God, not ‘higher power’” (July 17) is a direct reflection of what is wrong with this country today. It shows a growing... Read more

Letter: Why wasn't city pro-active?...

As an interested observer of CSRA news, I have watched as Augusta’s leaders have held forth to the press, radio and television on the safety of... Read more

Letter: Vote for principles, progress

Does anyone find it ironic that Lowell Greenbaum, as chairman of the Richmond County Democratic Party, writes letters such as his latest blasting... Read more

Letter: Diligence creates 'luck'...

Victor Reilly’s letter (“Lucky should help needy,” June 10) – about “luck” influencing length of life, career, financial success, politics, etc... Read more

Letter: Let free enterprise reign

Once again I have to voice my disagreement with Victor Reilly’s comments in his recent letter about Mitt Romney’s finances and his use of the 15... Read more

Letter: Wealth doesn't multiply by dividing it...

Kevin Palmer's July 24 letter about rich people and taxes ("Richest people should pay most taxes") just boggles my mind. Rich people do pay more... Read more

Letter: Share pain, sacrifice to save nation

We have watched our government spend taxpayers' money like there is no tomorrow through many administrations, both Democratic and Republican.... Read more

Letter: Painful cuts are best path to recovery

I don't know where to start in responding to Joni Ellsworth's letter ("Dems aiding in corporate shakedown," Dec. 14) attacking tax cuts,... Read more