Imam Mohamad Jamal Daoudi

Imam Daoudi: Islamic calendar begins new year

Today, I would like to shed light on the Islamic calendar, also known as the lunar calendar.

Arabs used to follow a lunar calendar that... Read more

Community honors the grace of Allah with Eid al-Fitr


Allah (the name of God in Arabic) says in the Quran: “Say, O Muhammad, in this bounty of Allah and His grace in this, then, let... Read more

Daoudi: Quran story discusses true evil


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Prayer forges important connection to divine

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Patience is religious, worldly necessity


On Cain and Abel, from the Quran: “And convey unto them, setting forth the truth, the story of the two sons of Adam – how each... Read more

All children of Abraham should work together


Allah (name of God in Arabic) has favored the people of revealed religions with His service and granted them guidance with the light... Read more

Focusing on giving thanks


Quran Chapter 1 says: “In the name of Allah/God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful, praise be to Allah/God – The Cherisher and Sustainer... Read more