I.A. Jilani

Letter: Homosexuality is prohibited

We must stand up for moral values in our country. The three great Abrahamic religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam prohibit homosexuality,... Read more

Letter: Jesus prominent in Quran

This paper has published letters regarding Jesus Christ’s teachings in the Bible. There also are many mentions of Jesus Christ in the Quran. Only... Read more

Letter: Muslims proudly represent America

I appreciate this paper's policy to publish opposing views. Recently there has been a lot of negative write-up against Muslims. This must be... Read more

Letter: Balanced moderates strengthen nation

It was refreshing to read Kathleen Parker's "A letter to the Muslim world" in your newspaper Sept. 14. This act is what makes this country of ours... Read more

Letter: Compassion extends across many faiths

I commend The Augusta Chronicle for providing a venue for healthy discussions on its editorial pages.

I am writing to light the... Read more