Helen Blocker-Adams

Column: Your cause must be bigger than you

It is a little difficult to imagine that, more than a century ago, women in the United States and in many countries all over the world were not... Read more

Helen Blocker-Adams: To tackle the nation's fat issue, everybody...

There are many names people prefer not to be called, and I would imagine being called “fat” is high on that list.

You look at a little child... Read more

Helen Blocker-Adams: Years later, question persists: Why didn't I...

To my supporters, friends and fans in Augusta, I wish to submit my sincere apologies to those who thought that, in the 2005 Augusta mayoral... Read more

Helen Blocker-Adams: Don't underestimate power of your vote...

Record-breaking triple-digit temperatures over the past few weeks have people trying to stay cool the best way they can. School’s out, and family... Read more

Column: In changing society, more single dads stand up for their...

Just as children are a gift from God, so are our fathers.

As special as fathers are, in terms of holiday notoriety, gifts and revenues, they... Read more

Guest Column: Herman Cain's drive, energy inspired me to run for...

It was 2003 and I was planning my Fourth Annual Regional Minority Small Business Conference. My previous events had attracted small, minority and... Read more

Guest Column: We can all embrace limited government and personal...


Why is there so much resistance among a large number of African-Americans to the idea of limited government?

Is it because of... Read more

South Augusta is ready for renaissance

Twenty-plus years ago, much of Augusta's commerce activity came from the southern portion known as south Augusta. Augusta's first mall, Regency... Read more