Helen Blocker-Adams

Column: Too many children are growing fatter -- so let's help...

The sound of bullets flying, the loud voices of a boy shouting extremities to another child and hateful words screaming off the pages of social... Read more

Column: The spirit of entrepreneurship thrives locally and nationally

I watched a four-part series titled The Men Who Built America on the History Channel recently, and was fascinated.

Andrew Carnegie... Read more

Column: Set healthy example by getting in the swim of things this summer

Summer isn’t officially until June 21, but for pupils just out of school, summer has begun.

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Column: In Clara Barton, celebrations of women, Red Cross intersect

There are so many reasons to celebrate women, and the month of March has been designated to do just that. Not only is March National Women’s... Read more

Column: Augusta can move forward -- but only after hearts are healed

Do you ever wish there were more hours in a day? I do sometimes, because there are so many things to do and problems to solve, and time flows... Read more

Column: The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.: Celebrating a legacy of 13...

On Monday we will celebrate the national holiday for the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. His legacy was achieved in a span of less than 13 years –... Read more

Column: Society's problems -- however unspeakable -- also are...

“We lost a lot of babies.”

“We are experiencing a bone-chilling sadness.”

“I’m heartbroken ... terrible and... Read more

Column: Are you ready to join in and move forward?

The 2012 elections have come and gone. You almost could have heard a loud sigh Nov. 7. That sound was a sigh of relief from all the political... Read more