Gregory J. Topliff

Letter: Obama treats vets shabbily

President Obama should be given credit for his uncanny ability to be the most manipulative, conniving president that this country has ever seen.... Read more

Letter: Politicians come through

A little over a year ago, I wrote a letter to the editor to express my dismay with a new road fee imposed by Aiken County on 100 percent disabled... Read more

Letter: Don't scoff at real solutions...

The demise of our country is right around the corner, and there are two ruling parties to blame.

I have watched Democrats and the... Read more

Letter: Ideas to make money are left untapped

After watching President Obama’s jobs speech that will infuse $447 billion dollars by hook or crook into the economy, I read about this... Read more

Letter: Impeach president for nonfeasance

I swear I must be living on a different planet than the Democrats.

Listening to President Obama's supporters and his recent speech refusing... Read more

Letter: Incompetent leader shifting the blame

President Obama told the public in a recent speech that our elected officials have to make the hard choices and address the entitlements given to... Read more

Letter: 'Depraved' congressman should resign...

I am sure everyone has an opinion regarding the despicable act committed by U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner of New York. I have one, too, that may differ... Read more

Letter: Writer is equal-opportunity offender

It looks like I struck a nerve with quite a few people when I suggested that we amend the Constitution and have a formal job application with a... Read more

Letter: Our nation must adapt and overcome

Our country started its downward spiral out of control when former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid took over... Read more

Letter: Leadership is lacking in our country

President Obama has laid waste to our way of living by causing the destruction of our country's economy and the demise of democracy as we know it... Read more