Gregory J. Topliff

Letter: Obama 'pathetic' on Iraq...

As a Marine Vietnam veteran, I have never been more ashamed of a country and its president than now. President Obama’s pathetic attempt to stay... Read more

Letter: Don't ignore scandals...

I feel compelled to address a few serious issues that have taken place recently.

First, there is nothing more infuriating to an American... Read more

Letter: Obama has sold us out

I have never seen a person more bent on destroying the United States than President Obama.

Through deed and blather, there is a strong... Read more

Letter: Poor road is a hazard

It’s embarrassing to learn that South Carolina is so poor that it can’t afford to fix a heavily traveled road that is in such disrepair that you... Read more

Letter: Obama is a poor leader

I feel compelled to express my annoyance with President Obama’s State of the Union address.

Watching the Democrats clap when Obama... Read more

Letter: President is shameless

It’s apparent to me that President Obama by deed has shown that he is one on the most shameless, self-absorbed narcissists that this country has... Read more

Letter: Try this Obamacare solution

I believe there is a solution to every problem – which brings me to the health care debacle created by the Obama administration.

No thought... Read more

Letter: Obama wrongdoings mount

President Obama has yet again created chaos in a country that is fed up with all of his lies and deceit. He recently has gone on various TV news... Read more

Letter: Wrong men leading on Syria

Leave it to President Obama to cunningly distract the country from the scandals that plagued his administration for the past year with wanting to... Read more

Letter: Remove our lying president

As an independent voter, I can’t understand how Democrats and Republicans can stand by and do nothing about a president who blatantly lies to the... Read more