Gregory J. Topliff

Letter: The time for talk is over

Our delusional president came before the American people last week spewing his misguided rhetoric on how he intends to protect us from the... Read more

Letter: Clinton clearly culpable

As an independent voter, I am sure I am not the only one who came away with a bad taste in my mouth after watching the dog-and-pony show put... Read more

Letter: Solutions for guns, Syria

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Letter: Trump lacking in polish

After watching the Republican presidential candidate debate Thursday, I would say that everyone had one or two topics that they were passionate... Read more

Letter: Thanks for fixing the road

A little more than six years ago, I started on a quest to get Glenwood Drive repaved. I wrote to South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford at the time... Read more

Letter: Clean up the urban squalor

If President Obama and the die-hard Democrats wanted to do something for African-Americans to level the playing field, they could start by putting... Read more

Letter: Candidate unfit for office

Hillary Clinton just announced her run for the presidency of the United States. My biggest question, being an independent voter is: Who in God’s... Read more

Letter: Brave police smeared

Where is it written that a man or a woman who joins a police department and puts on a uniform to serve and protect their communities has to be... Read more

Letter: Patients couldn't vote...

I’m sure that most people who were allowed to vote didn’t give a second thought to a bloc of American voters who were hospitalized or in rehab who... Read more

Letter: ISIS war plan questioned

As Americans wait with bated breath to see if and when ISIS will strike our homeland, I couldn’t help but think President Obama will never... Read more