Gregory J. Topliff

Letter: Clinton clearly culpable

As an independent voter, I am sure I am not the only one who came away with a bad taste in my mouth after watching the dog-and-pony show put... Read more

Letter: Solutions for guns, Syria

I feel it my civic duty to address issues that are unresolved by those in our government. Recently President Obama went after gun owners... Read more

Letter: Trump lacking in polish

After watching the Republican presidential candidate debate Thursday, I would say that everyone had one or two topics that they were passionate... Read more

Letter: Thanks for fixing the road

A little more than six years ago, I started on a quest to get Glenwood Drive repaved. I wrote to South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford at the time... Read more

Letter: Clean up the urban squalor

If President Obama and the die-hard Democrats wanted to do something for African-Americans to level the playing field, they could start by putting... Read more

Letter: Candidate unfit for office

Hillary Clinton just announced her run for the presidency of the United States. My biggest question, being an independent voter is: Who in God’s... Read more

Letter: Brave police smeared

Where is it written that a man or a woman who joins a police department and puts on a uniform to serve and protect their communities has to be... Read more

Letter: Patients couldn't vote...

I’m sure that most people who were allowed to vote didn’t give a second thought to a bloc of American voters who were hospitalized or in rehab who... Read more

Letter: ISIS war plan questioned

As Americans wait with bated breath to see if and when ISIS will strike our homeland, I couldn’t help but think President Obama will never... Read more

Letter: Obama 'pathetic' on Iraq...

As a Marine Vietnam veteran, I have never been more ashamed of a country and its president than now. President Obama’s pathetic attempt to stay... Read more