Gregory J. Topliff

Letter: Trump foes hypocritical

What a hypocritical society we live in today. The left and the right are going after Donald Trump as if he were the only man on the face of... Read more

Letter: Insult was big mistake

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Letter: Clinton inartful dodger

Clinton’s greatest achievements after her 25 years in government are dodging the law.

Her reset button with Russia was... Read more

Letter: Put Ruthven in House

I am writing on behalf of a valued and trusted friend who is running for South Carolina state representative – Kevin “K.T.” Ruthven of Aiken... Read more

Letter: With her record, Hillary Clinton can't be trusted with...

I think Hillary Clinton’s run for office is a pathetic and despicable disgrace. She has tried to change her stripes in the various states in... Read more

Letter: We don't need Obama...

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Letter: The time for talk is over

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