Greg Gelpi

Guest Column: Lack of transportation is harsh barrier to successfully...


Before I could react, the guy shoved his hand through my car window, pressed the handgun firmly against my chest and demanded that I... Read more

State boards lack Augusta representation

Dana Bedden is an educated man, but the Richmond County school superintendent has trouble coming up with the answer to a certain question.... Read more

More AP classes to be offered at Laney

Despite budgetary challenges, the new Advanced Placement academy at Laney High School is expected to be up and running when school starts Friday... Read more

Richmond County to furlough teachers Feb. 15

The Richmond County school system is digging into the wallets of its employees -- again -- to get itself out of a $7.2 million financial hole.... Read more

Furloughs ahead for MCG, ASU

Six days of furloughs lie ahead for Medical College of Georgia and Augusta State University personnel, and potentially even layoffs for some at... Read more

89 percent of students found guilty at tribunals

On a Monday in October, the aunt of a Richmond County student received a letter stating that she and her nephew needed to show up four days later... Read more

School board member, 73, dies at home

Joe Scott, the often outspoken member of the Richmond County Board of Education, died in his sleep Saturday morning.

Mr. Scott, 73, was... Read more

Richmond County schools face extra $6.5 million in cuts

The Richmond County school board gambled and lost.

Last week, the board voted against raising taxes slightly more than $8 for a $100,000... Read more