Gracie Shepherd

Shopgirl: Facebook creates 'legacy contact'...

WHAT’S NEW: This may be a bit morbid, but important nonetheless: Facebook recently announced a new feature it’s calling “legacy... Read more

Homeless shelter is planning a benefit

Nurture Home, an Aiken homeless shelter specializing in outreach to single mothers, will hold a benefit next month and I think it will be... Read more

Shopgirl: Lean in to the Lean Closet Movement

This time of year, I find myself wearing a lot of black, neutrals and just old favorites in general. It’s gotten me thinking lately about why I... Read more

Shopgirl: Twitter adds some helpful new features


I think Twitter does a good job of only updating when legitimately necessary, not messing with what we’ve... Read more

Shopgirl: Get TEDx tickets while you can

Get your tickets for TEDxAugusta before they are gone.

Next Friday, Jan. 30, an array of interesting and passionate locals will be lecturing... Read more

Shopgirl: Lumoid lets you try wearable technology


Just like the iPad was originally, wearables like the Jawbone or Pebble Smartwatch are devices that you don’t... Read more

Shopgirl: There are lots of great gifts to be found out there


It’s never been a better time to be someone who loves tech, or easier to find cool gifts for techies in your... Read more

Shopgirl: Snapchat starts money transfers


PayPal still has the corner on the market, but Snapchat recently released a new way to send money to friends via... Read more

Shopgirl: Hit the snooze, help charity

One new alarm app has a win-win solution to sleeping in, donating a few pennies every time you hit the snooze button. iCukoo is an app that wakes... Read more