Gracie Shepherd

Shopgirl: New emojis suggested

WHAT’S NEW: The Unicode Consortium, the folks who oversee what kinds of standard symbols are used in text processing and... Read more

Shopgirl: Jordache makes comeback

WHAT’S TRENDY: Don’t miss the amazing live music each Tuesday this summer at the Appleby Library on Walton Way. Live performances... Read more

Shopgirl: Pinterest adding a buy button

WHAT’S NEW: This could get us all into a lot of trouble – Pinterest just announced it’ll be releasing an in-app “Buy” button.... Read more

Shopgirl: Discover Augusta fashion this week

WHAT’S NEW: Augusta Fashion Week will kick off May 28 at Augusta Convention Center, showcasing the work of local designers,... Read more

Shopgirl: Verizon could grow into a digital goliath

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Shopgirl: Find lipstick shade without 'app-lication' ...

Have you ever seen a flavor of ice cream or a paint color and thought, geeze, that’s exactly the shade of lipstick I was looking for yesterday?... Read more

Shopgirl: Uber is in Augusta to stay

WHAT’S NEW: What began as an experiment during Masters Week is here to stay – Uber has come to Augusta.

Uber, a taxi/... Read more

Shopgirl: HBO Now cuts the cable for viewers

We’re one step closer to putting cable television companies out of business, thanks to HBO’s new HBO Now product.

HBO Now is like HBO Go,... Read more