Gracie Shepherd

Shopgirl: Ditch commercials with new level of Hulu streaming

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Shopgirl: Amazon's Alexa is more intuitive help...

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Shopgirl: Twitter has improved messaging

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Shopgirl: Christian Louboutin turns to lips

WHAT’S NEW: Clocking in at a smooth $90, Christian Louboutin just released a lipstick line to rival the iconic shoe line.

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Shopgirl: Livestreaming is getting more popular

WHAT’S NEW: We’ve reached new heights of narcissism as a culture – live­streaming becoming mainstream.

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Shopgirl: Android version of WifiMapper has superb features

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Shopgirl: Madden's 7-year-old on Target with shoes...

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Shopgirl: Organize all travel minutiae with ease

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