Glynn Moore

Moore: Labels lose something in translation

My wife bought me a big bottle of multivitamins the other day. I didn’t take that as an insult, but simply as an early warning... Read more

Moore: Dental work on a child is painful to watch

Reagan was hurting. Our 6-year-old granddaughter’s dental surgery Friday had been more involved than expected, and she had some... Read more

Moore: High school job taught well, paid well

The young man in the supermarket was easy to talk with as he rang up my groceries. His friendliness was a credit to the store... Read more

Moore: Memories keep fathers alive

Sunday would have been the 73rd Father’s Day for my dad, if he had lived this long. I will always... Read more

Moore: Enforcers keep the power bills down

As Father’s Day approaches, I have no dreams of being named Father of the Year. Not even in my own house.

You see, at our... Read more

Moore: Gorillas and grandchildren befuddle me

The weather report this morning (as I write this) said we had 10 miles’ visibility. I don’t know what... Read more