Gil Ward

Letter: Society is succumbing to decadence

Regarding the Rev. Bill Harrell's July 10 column ("Confronting a decadent culture"): I'm a vet from World War II, and it is extremely difficult... Read more

Letter: Where is the hatred really coming from?

On Sept. 9, 2010, The Augusta Chronicle published a cartoon on its editorial page showing a Muslim talking to an American declaring his... Read more

Letter: Marijuana is an overwhelming detriment

I must completely disagree with Shayne Felberg ("Oppression keeps marijuana illegal," March 3) and all those who want to push the legalization of... Read more

Letter: Can we believe what the imam says?

In the Saturday issue of the Chronicle , Dec. 11, David B. Caruso of the Associated Press writes of an interview with Imam Abdul Rauf in... Read more

Letter: Hearing would set bad global precedent

The Palestinian Authority, which is not a nation, has demanded a hearing before the International Criminal Court accusing Israeli solders of war... Read more

Letter: Return to the Bible -- and to reason


How stupid we have become in America! We have thrown our anchor, along with its chain, overboard. They were the Constitution and the... Read more

Letter: With no teachings, all you have is mush


At age 19, I volunteered for service in the U. S. Maritime Service for World War II and reported for boot camp at Sheepshead Bay, N.Y... Read more

Letter: Who was behind Oklahoma bombing?


On April 19, America remembered the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City -- and well we should. But like Pearl... Read more

Letter: Remember true message of Easter

In the March 27 edition of The Augusta Chronicle, the Rev. Ed Rees uses a teaching of Jesus to show we should not take the entire Bible... Read more

Why Christianity? The reasons abound

Why Christianity? Because there was a manger; because there was a baby born; because angels sang and the shepherds heard them; and wise men sought... Read more