Gil Ward

Letter: Let Bible navigate nation

Sometime in November 1945, our ship, the S.S. Mooring Knot docked in Sasebo, Japan. We were among the first American ships in Japan after it... Read more

Letter: Freer? Yes. Better? No

I would like to comment on Andy C. Reese’s letter “Liberals built freer world” (April 22). The title is correct: They did make a freer world – but... Read more

Letter: Empty prayers aren't granted...

On the Dec. 4 Opinion page, Jeff Miller stated that prayer failed (“Example shows prayer fails”). He refers to a prayer meeting held Aug. 6, 2011... Read more

Letter: HPV vaccine bill is wrong

Have we arrived to a place where we have no sanity left – where no fiber of conscience causes us to say “This is not right!” and with no red flags... Read more

Letter: Singer's death is a tragedy...

Another beautiful talent has been lost! Whitney Houston’s career started at age 11 singing in her church’s Junior Gospel Choir. She became world-... Read more

Letter: Christmas gone; Jesus isn't...

Christmas is over. The presents have all been opened; some have been returned. The decorations are coming down, and Santa is nowhere to be found... Read more

Letter: War on Christmas is real

If the fundamental bases from which we think are faulty, our conclusions will be faulty. Shayne Felberg’s letter “There’s no war on Christmas” (... Read more

Letter: Who considers Bible God?

Lt. Col. Mark Thompson’s remarks in his Oct. 29 column (“Too many people turn Bible into God”) require, if not demand, a response.

First, I... Read more

Letter: Law, Constitution scorned

I would like to comment on Shayne Felberg’s Sept. 24 letter “Fringe has hijacked true conservatism.” It’s not that... Read more

Letter: Society is succumbing to decadence

Regarding the Rev. Bill Harrell's July 10 column ("Confronting a decadent culture"): I'm a vet from World War II, and it is extremely difficult... Read more