Gil Ward

Letter: Satan is alive and well

In our sophisticated intellectual society, it seems unreasonable that there are people who still doubt the existence of God.

This year, we... Read more

Letter: Do ministers still fret sin?

When I was in high school, back in 1940, a visiting minister spoke at our church about his recent visit to London. A fellow minister had shown him... Read more

Letter: Colleges lack freedom

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg spoke at the graduation ceremonies at Harvard University earlier this year. In his lecture, he spoke... Read more

Letter: Speak against terrorists

In a letter from Ayman Al-Hendy (“View of Islam is naïve,” Aug. 13), he claims that, as a Muslim, he found The Augusta Chronicle’s Aug. 9... Read more

Letter: Society's values decaying...

In 1963, Madelyn Murray O’Hair, an atheist, along with the U.S. Supreme Court, took the Bible and prayer out of our schools. Without that... Read more

Letter: Christianity is a hard sell

Christianity is not practical because it takes away our own individuality, and our ability to make our own decisions and to live our lives in... Read more

Letter: New Year, new choices

I have never been one for making New Year’s resolutions. Perhaps if I had, I could have accomplished much more with my life. Maybe you feel the... Read more

Letter: Don't lose God...

At one time in America, as a nation we withdrew from unseemly conduct and those who lived and promoted it. Today we not only embrace this conduct... Read more

Letter: Abandoning God disastrous

With all our efforts to reform and lift human nature to a higher level in society and the world, things just seem to be getting worse.

... Read more

Letter: What have we become?

Disrespecting the Bible and banning it from public places does not remove its truth!

In the first chapter of Isaiah, the prophet proclaims... Read more