Gil Ward

Letter: Bring the Bible back

We could say much about the disturbing conditions our country is in, but it is not necessary because – with the exception of the Democratic... Read more

Letter: Devil in financial details

It is extremely rare in this enlightened and educated age to hear someone refer to Lucifer, or the devil. Former House Speaker John Boehner... Read more

Letter: What became of dinosaurs?

One subject often discussed in science is how old dinosaurs were and what happened to them. In the April 20 Augusta Chronicle... Read more

Letter: Nation in deplorable state

Usually, after a bad decision, we analyze the results, face the consequences and make adjustments for improvement. Sometimes that adjustment... Read more

Nation in poor shape

In the New Hampshire debate Saturday, Sen. Marco Rubio made a statement that should have brought applause from the crowd and the other... Read more

Letter: Finding Jesus is easy

In the Dec. 24 issue of The Augusta Chronicle was the editorial “Christianity under siege, again” – how it is taking... Read more

Letter: U.S. survival at stake

Is Donald Trump right in regard to the Muslims, saying we should, as letter writer Tom Zwemer put it, “kill the families of the male... Read more

Letter: Left becoming worried

As a conservative, I often wish we would go on the offense and insult the left as they do us, but that is not what we are! We prefer to present... Read more

Letter: Marriage letter flawed

There needs to be some corrections in the May 8 letter “Allow same-sex marriages.”

The first statement the writers make is that “no... Read more

Letter: Treat flag with respect

Through the years, we have seen many changes in America – changes where immoral practices, once condemned and outlawed, are now supported and... Read more