George Perkins

Letter: Target the real problem

Protests, riots, clashes, etc. are a problem. However, they also are a symptom of a more serious, underlying problem.

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Letter: We need to cut taxes

A Wall Street Journal column titled “Principles for Economic Revival” (Sept. 16, 2015), written by five highly... Read more

Letter: GOP needs firm backbone

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Letter: Join these fine people

Commentator David Webb; economist and social theorist Thomas Sowell; U.S. Sen. Tim Scott, U.S. Rep. Mia Love, business journalist Charles Payne;... Read more

Letter: GOP principles uplifting

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Letter: Allen is a public servant

It is a blessing to the people for a man of the quality, character and achievements of Rick Allen to offer himself for public service.

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Letter: Jump-start our economy

For five years we have heard the president talk about job creation, and flounder about, printing and borrowing money to scatter like someone... Read more

Letter: Great page on Fourth

Thank you very much for the excellent Independence Day editorial section in the July 4 edition of The Augusta Chronicle. It was... Read more

Letter: Misconceptions fill letter

Regarding David Henderson’s letter “Vote the Republicans out” (June 3): “We can’t change these Tea Party Republicans,” he says. The Tea Party is... Read more