George Dean

Letter: Trump actions familiar

I want to thank Maria Novajosky for her outstanding column on Donald Trump, and thank The Chronicle for publishing it... Read more

Letter: City government defective

Let me see if I have this right:

The county has an easement through my property for a drainage ditch, but they haven’t... Read more

Letter: GRUA solution is "farcical"...

I have never met letter writer Bert Dean (“GRUA is marketing disaster,” Oct. 27), but it would be a pleasure, as I see us sharing the same name... Read more

Letter: Name-changers 'cowards'...

I have known Augusta Chronicle Publisher William S. Morris III for about 35 years. I always have known him to be decent, honest and... Read more

Letter: Don't we have any capable local politicians?...

Inmates are still running the asylum.

First, local clowns gave us an entertainment arena with a gang that couldn't shoot straight for... Read more