Gene Norris

Norris: God can breathe new life into valley of dry bones

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Gene Norris: Seek peace with God, country, all people

We will never feel at peace with another person until we tear down the wall of enmity that separates us from that person. Many... Read more

Worship the Lord, not gods of habits, superstitions

What does your face reveal?

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With God's help, we can meet future challenges ...

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Norris: Church should employ skills of laity

To accomplish the mission of the local congregation with any degree of success, what is required is a blending of God’s gifts found in the pastor... Read more

We are charged with protecting God's creation ...


Psalm 104 is an excellent place to turn to celebrate the gifts of life.

Concerning the earth, the psalmist makes reference to... Read more

Avoid your fears with faith

The way believers dealt with forgiveness in Old Testament was similar to being in debt, but only worse. Unlike a loan that is eventually marked “... Read more

Gene Norris: Life is the hardest, and most rewarding, classroom

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What we need to overcome obstacles

There are times when we face insurmountable obstacles, which require traits of character which we can only muster by trusting in God’s promise to... Read more

We can learn from Jesus' tempation story...

God made sure we had preserved for our reading and study Jesus’ temptation story, for God knew we could benefit from the way in which Jesus dealt... Read more