Frank Chandler

Letter: Hillary? Definitely not

Donald Trump was not my first choice. However, there is no denying he represents the kind of shake-up in our government that many people are... Read more

Guest Column: Giving to Y campaign helps give to the CSRA


Most of us, in the course of our lives, rarely get the opportunity to have a lasting impact on
others. But
... Read more

Letter: Get to bottom of e-mails

Hillary Clinton seems to think that all she has to do is tell everyone everything is OK regarding her personal e-mail server, and we all should... Read more

Letter: This is liberal America

Three examples where liberal policies have failed are income redistribution, the military and the police.

First, income redistribution, or... Read more

Letter: Just answer us -- why?

Why? Why did President Obama exchange five known and dangerous terrorists, who soon will be fighting against us again, for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, now... Read more

Letter: Liberal policies hurt us

The midterm elections were not just an indictment of President Obama’s policies. They were an indictment of liberal policies.

Under Obama,... Read more

Letter: Vile attack ads rampant

Watch the blitz of negative ads that will appear across the country in the days leading up to the midterm elections.

President Obama has... Read more

Letter: Look at Obama's actions...

Ignore the speeches. Look at the president’s actions.

President Obama’s speeches are beautiful and always include words such as “vigilance... Read more

Letter: Stonewalling continues

The thorn behind the Benghazi scandal is that Republicans are not happy President Obama got elected partly based on the lie that al-Qaida was... Read more

Letter: What's the big issue?...

What is the most important issue facing the fall congressional elections?

Is it the IRS scandal and the absolute ambivalence of the current... Read more