Errin Haines

Ethics, abortion, gambling on ballot

ATLANTA — Ethics, abortion and casino gambling are among the issues Georgia’s Republican and Democratic parties are asking their voters to weigh... Read more

Ga. holding off on changes

ATLANTA — Following Republican Gov. Nathan Deal’s lead, Georgia’s community health commissioner said Friday the agency is holding off on an... Read more

Georgia puts welfare drug tests on hold

ATLANTA — Georgia won’t immediately enforce a new law that would make applicants for welfare pass a drug test before they can receive benefits.... Read more

Welfare beneficiaries affected by laws

ATLANTA — Out-of-work Geor­gians will soon see their benefit periods slashed nearly in half and those seeking food stamps will have to pass a... Read more

Panel to discuss complaints

ATLANTA — The state ethics commission is set to meet today and will discuss complaints involving Gov. Nathan Deal that are now at the center of... Read more

State to drug-test job-seekers

ATLANTA — Georgians who fail a drug test while trying to get a job could lose their unemployment benefits under a new policy being quietly... Read more

Gingrich endorses Romney

COLUMBUS, Ga. — Newt Gingrich took the stage at the Georgia Republican Party state convention Saturday wearing a Mitt Romney sticker, focusing... Read more