Stories by Ernie McFerrin

Saturday, Sept. 12, 2015

Letter: Stadium spurs questions

What is your backup plan if people don't show up for the games?
By Ernie McFerrin

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Letter: No justice in Aurora case

The cold hard truth is that there are some people who simply need killing.
By Ernie McFerrin

Saturday, Feb. 26, 2011

Letter: Keep pushing civility toward cyclists

I feel if we can keep attention on this issue, we can continue to educate both cyclists and motorists.
By Ernie McFerrin

Wednesday, Dec. 15, 2010

Letter: Car struck down law-abiding cyclist

From the comments made by motorists, the bottom line is they simply do not want to be inconvenienced.
By Ernie McFerrin

Thursday, Aug 19, 2010

Letter: Don't abridge bicyclists' road rights

In short, just to make sure you understand why you should share the road with cyclists: It's the law.
By Ernie McFerrin

Tuesday, Feb. 23, 2010

Letter: Send the superintendent on his way

There are many qualified people employed by the school system who would be thrilled to accept the responsibility of superintendent, and probably for less than Dr. Bedden's salary.
By Ernie McFerrin

Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2009

Vets deserve perpetual thanks, care

I believe if a soldier is wounded in battle, we owe them the best medical treatment available, and only by the best facilities, and paid for 100 percent without restrictions by an appreciative ...
By Ernie McFerrin

Tuesday, Jan. 13, 2009

Downtown atmosphere intimidating

Both myself and my wife grew up in Augusta and it was nice to reflect back to a time when we were able to enjoy the Imperial for what it was. Ernie McFerrin, North Augusta, S.C.
By Ernie McFerrin

Monday, July 14, 2008

Put political promises in context

As we move toward the end of this history-making presidential campaign, voters will be challenged more than ever before. Both candidates will make very bold statements about how they will run the ...
By Ernie McFerrin
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