Ernie McFerrin

Letter: Stadium spurs questions

I have been following the conjecture, predictions and estimates being made by North Augusta City Administrator Todd Glover in area media regarding... Read more

Letter: No justice in Aurora case

In reading the article in The Augusta Chronicle regarding the James Holmes mass murder in Aurora, Colo., I can’t help but believe that... Read more

Letter: Keep pushing civility toward cyclists

With the high number of local bicycling accidents recently, I have been very concerned about getting back on the roads. I ride for enjoyment and... Read more

Letter: Car struck down law-abiding cyclist

I have been following the comments pertaining to road bicyclists, and would like to offer the following story in hopes that it may give a bit of... Read more

Letter: Don't abridge bicyclists' road rights...


In response to the letter from Beth Guarnieri regarding bicyclists ("Bicyclists should share road, burden," Aug. 11), I must say that... Read more

Letter: Send the superintendent on his way


Think back to the time Dana Bedden was hired by the Richmond County Bard of Education, away from his last post. You will realize that... Read more

Vets deserve perpetual thanks, care

We owe the war veterans forever! It amazes me how an American man or woman can be asked to serve their country to whatever extent necessary -- to... Read more

Downtown atmosphere intimidating

My wife and I recently attended a concert at the Imperial Theater on Broad Street. Featured were Mountain Heart with Tony Rice. The entertainment... Read more

Put political promises in context

As we move toward the end of this history-making presidential campaign, voters will be challenged more than ever before. Both candidates will make... Read more