Edward Maner

Guest Column: Teachers must connect with pupils to put them on right...


Too many young kids, particularly kids of color, are dropping out of school way too early. Our nation never will compete globally... Read more

Obama is an unfair victim of hatred


I must lean forward to speak highly and positively defending Barack Obama, who is a class act and a brilliant American leader.

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Guest Column: Give pupils the honors they deserve

After working as a public school educator for many years, I thought that it was imperative for me to do something worthwhile and meaningful in... Read more

People should try to embrace joy of reading

I want to express my views about a recent poll that found that one in four adults in the United States read no books in the past year.

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Richmond County schools should emphasize academics, not athletics

After reading the Nov. 20 Augusta Chronicle article "Middle school athletics failing," I feel that, as a former educator for the Richmond County... Read more

Pupils get sweet deal that's not good for them

As a former Richmond County public school educator, it's imperative for me to revisit a serious issue that I addressed more than two years ago.... Read more

Change in HOPE eligibility harms minority students

(Editor's note: Fewer students are expected to qualify for Georgia HOPE college scholarships because of a change in eligibility requirements.... Read more

Now, Voyager? Our pupils need a much better reading curriculum

As a former reading teacher for the Richmond County Board of Education, I have been following the Voyager Universal Learning reading program... Read more