Ed Payne

Letter: Standards lax for decades

Once again the editors of The Augusta Chronicle cannot connect the dots.

In the editorial, “... Read more

Letter: Cry to God, or get worse

“These Disunited States” (June 5) is another diatribe that has become a mantra on The Augusta Chronicle pages,... Read more

Letter: Columnists spout illogic

One can hope that columnist Craig Douglas Albert (“Religion in society provides desperately needed social control,” March 22) can continue to... Read more

Letter: Face higher standards

The Augusta Chronicle had many accolades and a few criticisms for Deke Copenhaver (“Setting the right tone,” Jan. 4). However, eventually... Read more

Letter: It's God, not 'higher power'...

I wonder if The Augusta Chronicle’s editorial staff can think beyond their own ignorance.

I have lauded The Chronicle in... Read more

Letter: Liberal lawlessness persists

I must differ with my fellow Christian Cal Thomas in his recent column “Let them eat cake” (March 5).

Thomas says, “Balance and humility... Read more

Letter: We need servant leaders

My immediate reaction to the picture to the front page of the Opinion section of the Sept. 29 Augusta Chronicle was, “That is the Supreme... Read more

Letter: Biblical revelation needed

It is with great interest that I read the editorials and letters in The Augusta Chronicle. It is with greater interest that I note the... Read more

Letter: Progressivism is killing us all

Michelle Malkin’s syndicated column on homicides in Chicago under democratic socialism (“Smiley-face lies and homicide hogwash in Democratic... Read more

Letter: Education requires values

Does The Augusta Chronicle really stand for conservatism?

Your editorial “A party in crisis” (Nov. 12) is mostly right. However, it... Read more